Huurre has been the pioneer of the Finnish Refrigeration business, with 75 years of history in developing the refrigeration industry and solutions not only in Finland but also on a European scale. Our technology flagships include the Huurre Eco refrigeration and heat production units, developed and manufactured in our Kuopio site for over three decades. Huurre Technologies Oy is 100% owned by Caverion Oyj.

We are amongst the first European manufactures to focus our research and development on natural CO2  refrigeration processes. The first commercial delivery of a CO2 cascade unit took place in 2006, and the first transcritical CO2 unit in 2010. Currently we design and ship approximately 50-100 units annually.

At Huurre Technologies, we are proud to stretch the boundaries of CO2 application areas. Our guiding principle has always been to seek ways to improve the energy efficiency and provide the lowest lifecycle cost for our customers. Examples of our "first of a kind" -solutions are:

  • Direct expansion CO2 ice rink units
  • Novel chiller/heat pump units
  • Compact low-power CO2 mini-booster units
  • Patented liquid ejector technology

Our high quality of manufacturing and ease of maintenance by design are principles that also have been widely appreciated by our customers. We partner with industry-leading component manufacturers like Dorin, Alfa Laval, Refrigera and Danfoss.

We are known for our agility and ability to design and manufacture customer-specific and tailor-made solutions for demanding applications. Our highly skilled designers and experienced staff are not afraid of challenges and are committed to continue pushing the limits of innovation!



Over 70 years in refrigeration     


Over 400 Huurre Eco CO2 unit installations


Over 10 years of automated CO2 technology


Over 500 automation system installations

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