Natural heat for green buildings

Heat – the natural way
The Huurre Eco Heat Pump family offers a green way of heating buildings. It has been specifically designed for the Nordic climate, and to produce hot water for heating as well as for tapwater, up to a temperature of 90°C. Huurre Eco effectively combines simplicity and the use of the sustainable CO2 refrigerant, making it the perfect choice for professional use.

For green buildings
The Huurre Eco Heat Pump offers both environmental and financial benefits. The transcritical carbon dioxide (CO2) solution features low running costs, effective heat production and low energy consumption. It also meets Green Building standards – so if you are looking for highest certification, Huurre Eco is the choice for you.


Green light with CO2

  • Green profile, supported energy environment certifications for buildings such as LEED, BREEAM, and Green Buildings
  • Natural and easily accessible refrigerant
  • A safe refrigerant that is neither toxic nor flammable
  • Future-proof, no regulatory restrictions regardless of filling quantity
  • Highly efficient, possibility to produce heating and tapwater up to 90 oC
  • Low energy consumption

Feature rich

  • Different heat sources can be used: air, groundwater, wastewater and process water
  • Plug and Play units in addition to process-optimised units with a solid construction
  • Refrigeration automation steering with an optimised coefficient of performance (COP)
  • Low sound level thanks to the special mounting of the compressors
  • Service friendly and durable
  • Prepared for connection to BMS system
  • Proven high efficiency and dependability thanks to a high installation volume of Huurre Eco

Options & services

  • Cooling function in the same unit
  • Automatic and continuous 24/7 monitoring
  • Alarm services
  • On-call technical support and maintenance

Standard Features: 

  • Heating capacity range 100 - 1000 kW (+60C water) 
  • Design pressure 80/80/120 bar (LP/REC/HP)
  • Robust and proven piston compressor technology, 3 - 5 pcs 
  • Easily maintainable dryers & filters, drier bypass.
  • Hardwired pressure safety switches for maximum compressor lifetime and reliability
  • Inverter (1pc) for stepless control 
  • Suction accumulator
  • Integrated evaporator
  • 1 - 2 large150 liter receivers 
  • Liquid gas cooler
  • Regenerative exchanger
  • Low level alarms for oil and liquid
  • Pressurized oil level control with oil separator to increase compressor lifetime
  • Double safety valves for extra safety and easy maintenance
  • Stainless steel internal piping –long lifetime
  • Local operating display
  • Full compatibility to our intelligent automation platform. 
  • Dimensions starting from 4500 x 1600 x 2300 mm 

Available options: 

  • kWh - measurement
  • Liquid level transmitter
  • Sound/thermal Insulation and outdoor casing
  • Automation:
    • Controls: No need for separate PLC for auxiliary system controls
    • Monitoring: Temperature monitoring and alarm handling services

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