Optimal CO2 cooling for small businesses


A simple and robust single-compressor unit for refrigeration and cooling needs in the power range of 0.5 to 22 kW. Available for evaporating temperatures -30C to +15C.


Applications: Small retail stores, laboratories, medical stores, gas stations, hospitals


Suitable for retrofit installations that must be done in several phases: individual refrigeration units can operate independently or as part of bigger installation controlled by our refrigeration automation technology.


Standard Features:

  • CO2 refrigerant – environmentally safe
  • Robust and proven piston compressor technology
  • Easily maintainable dryers & filters
  • Hardwired pressure safety switches for maximum compressor lifetime and reliability
  • Inverter for stepless control
  • 80 bar receiver – safe standstill
  • Large 37 liter receiver – enables long pipelines
  • Stainless steel internal piping – long lifetime
  • Modular structure – Options can be upgraded also later
  • Full compatibility to our intelligent automation platform.
Huurre Mini ECO 2020

Available Options:

  • Intelligent Heat Recovery for energy savings
  • Liquid condenser
  • Emergency cooler for critical applications
  • Integrated evaporator
  • Sound/thermal Insulation
  • Top cover for outdoor installation
  • Local operating display
  • Automation:
    • Controls: No need for separate PLC for auxiliary system controls
    • Monitoring: Temperature monitoring and alarm handling services

Performance Curves

The Huurre ECO Mini has 8 different compressor power steps. Performance curves of each compressor step are shown in the diagrams below.

evap temp.jpg
evap temp_2.jpg

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