The ideal CO2 refrigeration unit for big retail stores and food storages

The Huurre Eco Maxi is a large booster unit with a cooling capacity range of LT 18 to 80kW(-33C), MT net 80 to 280kW (-7 C). The unit is made with easily maintainable dryers and filters, including a drier bypass. Furthermore, it has hardwired pressure safety switches, which ensure reliability and a long compressor lifetime. To increase the compressor lifetime further, the Maxi has a pressurized oil level control with oil separator.

With the features listed below, Huurre Eco Maxi is the perfect CO2 refrigeration unit for big retail stores and food warehouses.


Standard Features:

  • Design pressure 60/60/120 bar (LP/REC/HP)
  • Robust and proven piston compressor technology, LT 1… 4pcs, MT 1…5 pcs
  • Inverters (2 pcs) for stepless control
  • Liquid injection
  • Large 2…3 pcs 150 liter receiver –enables long pipelines
  • Regenerative exchanger
  • Liquid subcooler
  • Low level alarms for oil and liquid
  • Double safety valves for extra safety and easy maintenance
  • Stainless steel internal piping –long lifetime
  • Local operating display
  • Full compatibility to HuurreiTOP intelligent automation platform.
  • Dimensions 4600…5000 x 1100 x 1980 mm

Available options:

  • Design pressure 80/80/120 bar
  • Integrated exchanger for AC 40kW, 90kW, 140kW
  • kWh - measurement
  • Extra inverters
  • Heat Recovery for energy savings (HR+ tap water)
  • Liquid gascooler
  • Suction accumulator
  • Liquid ejector for energy efficiency
  • Liquid level transmitter
  • Emergency cooler for critical applications
  • Integrated evaporator
  • Sound/thermal Insulation and outdoor casing
  • Automation:
    • Controls: No need for separate PLC for auxiliary system controls
    • Monitoring: Temperature monitoring and alarm handling services

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